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11-Aug-2017 15:16

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My previous place was 0 and technically inside Tokyo, but it was a 33 minute super express train into Shinjuku.I personally wouldn’t go for hostels and share houses, but those are cheaper options as well that will put you in the heart of Tokyo.Getting into Tokyo You’ve got two options, Narita or Haneda airport.Haneda is a little closer, but not significantly so.For example, a girl who I’ve been banging in the daytime always takes a shower after sex, so that’s 2 showers while we hang out.

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Girls will respond haphazardly and go silent when you think things are going well. Only knew a Japanese girl I had met and dated in the US.Japanese people do learn some English in junior high/high school, but they’re generally very shy/ashamed about engaging in conversation.Basically the same level girl they would expect to get back in the US, UK or wherever.

In the same respect, I have seen white guys with fly J-girls on their arms, and those guys have all been good-looking, well-dressed dudes.There are lots who live alone as well, but their families are generally not from the Tokyo/Kanto area. A lot of J-girls with banging bodies and pretty faces have awful teeth.