Dating scripts revisited Allsexy chat

15-Oct-2017 06:34

They began by printing 300 copies of a Latin Grammar by the fourth-century tutor of Jerome, the Roman Grammarian, Aelius Donatus, of which, unfortunately, no copy has survived.

Their next edition, issued no later than September of 1465 is Cicero’s The first and second roman types.

By the twelfth century, this gothic script, with numerous national and local variations, was fully developed and adopted throughout Europe.

Not only were letterforms affected by this compression, but the letter-spacing too, so much so that letters begin to kiss, bite, and fuse.

The First Roman Type Just as the first printers in Germany looked to German manuscripts exemplars for their gothic textura types, so too, Sweynheym and Pannartz modeled their letterforms on contemporary Italian manuscript book-hands, humanistic scripts.

There is no single exemplar, just as there is no singular humanistic script.

Many of their replacements came from Germany, something that subsequently was to attract yet more German immigrants including two lower order clerics, Konrad Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz.

In addition to long s (ſ), short s is included for word endings only.

The Renaissance affected change in every sphere of life, but perhaps one of its most enduring legacies are the letterforms it bequeathed to us. However, by the fourteenth century, changes were afoot.

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