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is Meat Beat Manifesto’s fourth album and their first on a major label via Nothing Records, a subsidiary of Interscope helmed by Trent Reznor that was intended to capitalise on the success of Nine Inch Nails.

In London, Ninja Tune played yin to Mo’ Wax’s yang.DJ Shadow, who was drafted to co-write the album, was quick to speak out about his unhappiness with both the process and the result, but is representative of a time and place, and shows trip-hop’s promise as it was being co-opted and transformed into something that labels could whitewash and monetize. (Asphodel, 1996) It might be a stretch to classify Tipsy as trip-hop, but the Californian duo of Tim Digulla and David Gardner certainly used many of the same tools as their European peers.Pillaging loops from a wide variety of lounge and exotica records, Digulla and Gardner came up with a dusty, defiant and undoubtedly downbeat look at sound collage.It’s also worth noting that when an artist had multiple worthy albums (for instance, Portishead or Massive Attack), we only included their most definitive moment.

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(Ninja Tune, 1995) London Funk Allstars’ Ninja Tune debut will likely sound dated to most who come across it for the first time today.

At its best, trip-hop was music for b-boys on acid, as Warfield sang on the album’s single.

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