Dating photos of moms with tatoos

08-Jun-2017 14:02

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Sporting body ink and being a good mom and wife aren't mutually exclusive. I treat my husband with the same admiration and respect that I expect from him. I'm "responsibly tattooed" because I didn't get my first piece of body art until I was 24, the subject matter of my tattoos (there are now five) is not offensive or vulgar, and I was completely sober during the application of each one.Some of the things that make me a responsible mom include putting my daughter's needs first and making sure she is properly fed, dressed and loved. I got my first tattoo on my 24th birthday while in Las Vegas with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. We eventually married, and during our six years together, along with a home, two dogs and a baby, we've racked up a combined total of 12 tattoos.

After all, he has to look at this bod until death do us part.

In the mid-20th century, even as musicians like the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin helped make tattoos even cooler, the form suffered a setback in the city, as a 1961 hepatitis outbreak blamed on a Coney Island tattoo artist had prompted the New York City health department to ban tattooing.

At a time when tattoos were seen as signs of promiscuity, Ruth Marten, a tattoo artist during the 1970s, says many of her clients were women getting a divorce, including one who told her that she "wanted to be able to change her body to something that her ex-husband had had no experience with." Some tattoo artists moved their offices out of the city, while some just worked out of their apartments until Mayor Rudolph Giuliani lifted the ban in 1997.

Ever conscious about what the British royalty were up to, New York's high society decided to get tattoos after hearing that Britain’s Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) had gotten body art during an 1862 trip to Jerusalem, while his sons Prince Albert and Prince George (future King George V) got dragons inked in Japan by Hori Chyo, an artist known as "the Shakespeare of tattooing.”But, though the royals who set the trend were men, many of those who picked up the idea on the other side of the pond were women.

These women wouldn't be seen at tattoo parlors; tattoo artists would make house calls.

"Tattoos were an early way that women took control of their bodies."Many of these colorful women were still being tattooed by male artists, but Mildred Hull (who boasted 12 tattoos of geishas on her legs and 14 of angels on her back) is considered the first woman to open a tattoo shop on the Bowery, in the back of a barbershop.

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