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Besides, most people are used to seeing me as a television host!

”Law dis-Order, a legal drama about two money-minded and power-hungry lawyers, premiered on September 19 to 25 points, drawing an average of 1.63 million viewers. Ratings dropped to 21.8 points on its second week of broadcast. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

A few days ago, Ali was spotted leaving Danny’s home early in the morning, leading to cohabiting rumors. Although it is normal to date and hold hands, I am not used to people taking photos of me like that.” “We need more time to understand each other,” she said.

The 33-year-old was shocked when she saw her paparazzi photos on gossip magazines. “I also need to work, so there really isn’t enough time for us to develop further. ”The 26-year-old, who chose to host television programs for TVB after winning the pageant, said, “I’m surprised.

[ 268, -37] I feel like the T-ara members act completely different in front of men than they do in front of women6. [ 175, -10] Her face changes so often I bet he feels like he's dating a new woman all the time10. Why are there so many headlines about them lately-Source: Nate1. I'm a man myself but Oh Jong Hyuk could do better...2. [ 129, -15] Don't really care, is there anything else to write about? [ 12, -1] Didn't he date Lee Da H before he enlisted?

Lead actors Alex Fong (方中信) and Liu Kai-chi (廖啟智) were both absent, but Ali said the two veteran actors will make an appearance when the production crew holds a dinner banquet later this week.

Earlier this year, Ali admitted to dating Danny Chan, a presenter for Viu TV.

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Like that famous Asan Hospital scandal and she's a heavy smoker too.5. [ 24, -5] This is why public relationships are poisonous to females... [ 22, -0] Yeah, going on that trip to Europe together was a bit overboard, especially so early into the relationship... [ 20, -0] This is why celebrities shouldn't go public.