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Elimination Challenge: The chefs had to create a dish updating a "childhood classic" to fit the menu of T. The winning entrée would be featured nationwide on the menu of T. Elimination Challenge: Working in teams of two, the chefs had to create a six-course lunch for Jennifer Coolidge and 60 of her guests using only the ingredients that were already available in the kitchen.An opportunity to work with Bernstein at the Sagamore Hotel in Miami on the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

(Note to you, the reader: This piece is part of Las Vegas’s “Top Chef” countdown.

From this point on, the winner of the Quickfire Challenge no longer received immunity from elimination.

Elimination Challenge: The chefs prepared a seven-course meal, with each course representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The teams took turns serving their dishes to the judges and the other group of contestants.

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Elimination Challenge: The contestants were split into two teams: Team Vietnam and Team Korea.Quickfire Challenge: Each chef drew a knife that showed a different color.

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