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This line, which was a branch of the Great Western Railway, opened on 27 July 1885.) The town includes houses of historical nature, and the site of the former small Victorian museum, the Shambles, containing a replica of a 19th-century street has been transformed and now real local traders occupy the once replica shops.

Newent is home to the Devonia, a large house dating back to the Georgian period.

The nearest station is Ledbury on the Cotswold Line.

Newent used to contain the largest cul-de-sac in Europe, Foley Road.

The Domesday Book (1086) shows that in 1066 the lord of Newent, then spelled Noent, was Edward the Confessor and 20 years later the Cormeilles Abbey was the tenant-in-chief and one of the lords.Cambridge Analytica then pushed specific information onto those users’ social media feeds, information which often included fake news. The private sector has been using consumers’ personal data in similar ways for an age.Many of the big internet companies have built vast empires based on monetising personal data.The federation of Glebe Infant School and Picklenash Junior School provides primary education, while Newent Community School provides both secondary and tertiary education for ages 11 upwards.

Way back in 1828, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson fought in what is considered the dirtiest election ever, where the mudslinging Jackson accused Adams of providing a young virgin for the Tsar of Russia while Adams’ camp questioned Mrs Jackson’s morality.

It has since emerged that President Donald Trump’s team employed the services of Cambridge Analytica, a little-known company that was also used by the Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum.