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In a way, he's the military trainee's equivalent of a Mean Boss, but there's seldom any other type. On kids' TV, this same character is a gym teacher, coach, or other authority figure.

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While Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller seemed willing to go with the offer, Snake was reluctant to participate, as he didn't want his unit to become a pack of "Dogs of War" and told Gálvez that force was most likely not going to do any good, so he might need to do a diplomatic solution.

Compare Sergeant Rock, the guy who leads them once Drill Sergeant Nasty is done training them. WHY DID YOU PUT THAT WEAPON TOGETHER SO QUICKLY, GUMP?

The Drill Sergeant Nasty is one of the best examples of the Genghis Gambit.

When talking it over, Gálvez explained that the Russians were interested in Costa Rica due to its strategic value, which could be used to conquer Central America, and thus split America into two.

It would also disrupt all economic productions and shipping lanes towards America.

Snake even suggested to him that he would tell the Costa Rican government that he could offer a negotiator that he knew to help them settle the dispute.

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