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The fruit of this tree must not be eaten under any circumstances.

In short order, the human beings manage to transgress the only prohibition given to them.

So Adam and Eve evidently had some knowledge of good and evil before eating from the tree.

At the very least, they knew it was right to obey God when He told them not to eat, and it was wrong to disobey Him. For if Adam and Eve already understood good and evil before reaching for the fruit, well then, they already possessed what the tree was supposed to give them. Didn't Adam and Eve already have the knowledge the tree was supposed to give them?

But that brings us back to our question: Why would the Lord want to deny humanity an understanding of good and evil?

The truth is, the question is really even a little deeper than this.

Here's why: What happens immediately after Adam and Eve eat from the tree whose mysterious fruits confer knowledge of "good and evil"?

Imagine a world in which people were pretty much the same as they are now -- they were smart, they could walk, they could talk, they could drive cars and become investment bankers. So why would God pretend that having such knowledge is undesirable?

He gives them virtually free reign over the territory.