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Common Access Card (CAC / PIV) Access to Multi-function Devices Netgard® MFD is a drop-in, inline, multi-factor, user authentication solution for networked, special purpose devices such as multi-function printer/scanner/copiers. API to deliver custom electronic modules integrated with Analog Devices’ high speed digital signal processing technology Marlborough, MA – October 12, 2017 – API Technologies Corp.(API), a leading provider of high performance RF and microwave...

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Weinschel's product offering includes fixed attenuators for test, metrology and space applications; continuously variable, manual step, solid-state digital step and programmable step attenuators; high power terminations; resistive splitters and dividers; manual phase shifters...

The Emcon line of TEMPEST, Level I Thin Client Computers contain all the features of the popular commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products with the added EMSEC requirements needed for certain government users.

The Emcon TEMPEST HP t5740 Thin Client Computer is based on...

Modular Active Antenna Array Unit solutions for AESA Radar, featuring line-replaceable quad transmit/receive module 'common building block' units for scaleability and ease of integration and repair.

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Solutions for next-generation, AESA and E-scan radars.

Building block solution offers improvements in performance, reliability, size and weight Marlborough, MA – September 11, 2017 - API Technologies Corp.